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Pieces of Grace

Grace thought she went from losing it all to having it all. As she begins her new life post-divorce, she starts dating a renowned doctor who draws her into a fairy tale existence. But there’s a dark side to Dr. Benjamin Hayward.

As she becomes more involved with the successful doctor, the fairy tale turns to uncertainty and mystery. Despite warning signs, Grace is determined to make this new relationship work. When she finally realizes she knows little about herself and even less about Benjamin Hayward, it might be too late. Benjamin’s secrets—the death of his mentally ill wife and the whereabouts of his missing daughter—could lead to Grace falling into a deeper abyss than the one that brought her home in the first place and she risks losing herself all over again.

Pieces of Grace is a complicated story of relationships confused by undercurrents of mental illness. Nestled someplace between The Choice (Nicholas Sparks) and The Girl on the Train (Paula Hawkins), readers find themselves hoping family and friends can carry Grace through her most difficult moments

In a Heartbeat

Everything we know and love can disappear in an instant. Finding a way through the pain can take a lifetime…

Julia has the perfect life—a happy marriage, a precocious son, and twin daughters on the way. She is forced to rethink her idea of perfection, however, when her world crumbles.

Gail doesn’t pretend to have the perfect life but has managed to create one that suits her just fine. Or so she thinks.

Julia and Gail share little in common, but when their sons develop a unique friendship, the two women find their lives intertwined in ways they never thought possible. Together, they discover that facing their daunting challenges—divorce, illness, devastating loss—is made easier with a friend to help shoulder the burdens.

Spanning 20 years of trials, tribulations and triumphs, In a Heartbeat forces us to confront love, loss, and the bonds of friendship that carry us through our darkest moments. 

Standing Still

Faith Carson knows she was always her mother’s greatest disappointment. She visits the cemetery, hoping her mom will send a message indicating otherwise, but that sign never comes. Unable to mend that broken relationship, Faith is convinced she is undeserving of love.

Doug Carson misses his wife every day, so nobody is more surprised than he is when he meets Leigh Ann. Watching him fall in love, Faith fears she’s losing the only person who ever believed in her…unless he was always just as disappointed as her mother.

When a dark secret from her mom’s past is revealed, and everything she believed to be true is turned upside down, Faith can finally open her heart to love. But it comes too late for Faith and Travis.

Grief. Anger. Guilt. Regret. Until Faith lets go of the words she didn’t say and the things she didn’t do—or perhaps worse, those things she said and did—she will always be standing still.

Laurel Lake Remembers

Coming April 11, 2023

Life in the small town of Fairview is nearly perfect. Nestled on the shores of beautiful Laurel Lake, the community has been home to the Keller family for generations, and Madison Keller’s childhood memories are mostly idyllic.


Although for ten years she has pushed away memories of the accident that changed the trajectory of her life, an onslaught of reminders suddenly emerges, including the sale of the town’s golf course, a place of sentimental importance to her, and her Grandma Ruth’s progressing Alzheimer’s. As Ruth slips further away, Madison works furiously to keep memories alive for her through photos and stories, and throws herself into solving the mystery of two letters Ruth has held onto for decades, which might be tied to the course.

Soon, the past collides with the present, and although it is difficult to determine at times what is real and what is part of her grandmother’s confused mental wanderings, Madison is forced to confront her own role in the tragic events of the decade-old accident, resurrecting everything she has kept carefully buried.

As Madison battles to hold onto her grandmother a bit longer, and perhaps save a special piece of Fairview, she risks losing part of herself.

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