Saving Grace

Grace thought she went from losing it all to having it all. As she begins her new life post-divorce, she starts dating a renowned doctor who draws her into a fairy tale existence. But there’s a dark side to Dr. Benjamin Hayward.

As she becomes more involved with the successful doctor, the fairy tale turns to uncertainty and mystery. Despite warning signs, Grace is determined to make this new relationship work. When she finally realizes she knows little about herself and even less about Benjamin Hayward, it might be too late. Benjamin’s secrets—the death of his mentally ill wife and the whereabouts of his missing daughter—could lead to Grace falling into a deeper abyss than the one that brought her home in the first place and she risks losing herself all over again.

Saving Grace is a complicated story of relationships confused by undercurrents of mental illness. Nestled someplace between The Choice (Nicholas Sparks) and The Girl on the Train (Paula Hawkins), readers find themselves hoping family and friends can carry Grace through her most difficult moments.

[unpublished manuscript]