Never Monday

Today is Tuesday. Big deal, you might be thinking. But that’s where you will have to pause and indulge me for a moment. Today is Tuesday. That means it is no longer Monday.

I realize that Monday in and of itself isn’t to blame, but the truth of the matter is that Monday sucks. Exactly one month from today, I will be retired. The best thing about that? No more Sunday nights! Now it sounds as though I have something against Sundays as well, but that is completely untrue. Anyone who has worked in a typical “9-5, Monday-Friday” type of job knows there is just something unpleasant about Sunday nights. We are forced to think ahead to Monday morning. That is usually a dismal prospect.

Since childhood, Sunday night brought a sadness. Sunday night wasn’t even part of the weekend, it seemed. It was always about getting ready for Monday. I’m not sure I will immediately be able to transition to a new mindset about Sunday nights or Monday mornings.

I love the thought of retirement. I can do what I want, when I want and I won’t have to answer to any other boss than me, myself and I. Writing won’t have to be squeezed between other responsibilities. Teaching classes, working through the “publish or perish” expectations of being a professor, and completing paperwork, paperwork and more more paperwork will never ever be the focus of my days and weeks.

I realize I’ll have to set some kind of schedule for myself. After all, getting sucked into binge watching reality TV shows won’t get my novels written and published. But any schedule will be on my terms. This Blog is part of my new schedule. I plan to update weekly. My self-imposed deadline for blogging will be Tuesday afternoons. Why Tuesday? I had to pick a day. It will never be Monday!

The Journey

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