Two days ago we had the opportunity to honor those all-important moms and mom figures in our lives. It’s always a wonderful day for those of us who have a mom or “mom” to visit, to thank, to hug… There are those, however, who are not able to celebrate the day. For some, it’s a matter of mom having passed. For others, it’s an inability to express their feelings for a lot of reasons.

Expressing gratitude for the important or special people in our lives shouldn’t be reserved for just those days that happen to have a label on them. Just because we turn the calendar to May and see Mother’s Day or to June and see Father’s Day does not mean we should wait for that single day to express our feelings.

Some of us had incredibly amazing childhoods, filled with magical innocence, and a sense of security. That is not everyone’s experience, I fully realize. Regardless, I hope there are people who helped guide you emotionally, spiritually, physically or in some other way that you can reach out to. When we express gratitude, it does something wonderful to us. We grow from extending ourselves in that way. Our expressions of gratitude show we are emotionally open, humble beings who are striving to be better. Thank someone special in your life.

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