Feeding the Creative Soul

When I was in high school (we won’t talk about how many decades ago that was), I wrote an article for the school paper on creativity. I interviewed our art teacher, among other people I thought to be creative, to better understand what that elusive magical power is that some people possess. Could it be nurtured and developed, like a child within us needing sustenance to grow strong?

I wrote a pretty good article, but I don’t think I answered my own questions about developing our creative selves.

Here’s what I know today–or what I think I know today. If I’m not feeling inspired, I can’t sit at my laptop and write. Forcing my ideas from my brain into my fingertips generally results in deleting just about everything I write under those circumstances.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to inspire me. It can be the mountain backdrop of my Arizona home, or the laughter emanating from my granddaughters as they play. Sometimes it’s a song I haven’t heard in a long time.

Inspiration is an intangible that feeds the creative soul. So whether it’s the glory of nature, the joy of childhood innocence, or a simple playlist, let yourself be inspired. Feed your creative soul.

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