Living the Lake Life

There is a sacredness to living on a lake. Of course, vacationing on one is just as special. It doesn’t matter if you are in a single-room cabin crammed with bunkbeds or a mini-mansion with all the modern essentials, what’s most important is what is outside that dwelling–a beautiful body of water.

As you watch, a drama plays out before your very eyes: the ripples of fish jumping on a glass-like surface; a storm moving in over the water; morning mist rising like ghosts into the cool morning air. When the clouds and sky are mirrored on the surface, it’s sometimes impossible to tell which is real and which is reflection. Captivating and mesmerizing, I can spend hours watching the ever-changing mood and spirit of the water.

I vividly remember visits to the lake as a child. We would pile into the family station wagon, complaining most of the drive there because we were hot, sticky and being breathed on by a sibling. Then we would tumble out of the open car door to dash into the cold water. The little fish nibbled our toes. The sharp rocks hurt the tender bottoms of our feet. The sand got into our bread and bologna sandwiches. And in the end, it would be the most perfect day EVER.

Laurel Lake Remembers is fiction–set in a made-up town on a lake that doesn’t exist. In my mind, however, it is very real and fully embodies the spirit of Wisconsin lake life.

One thought on “Living the Lake Life”

  1. I remember those simple days of going to the lake! I can’t eat bologna to this day but back then, they tasted so good! I can’t wait to read Laurel Lake Remembers!


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